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American Selfie(s) SCRIPT Call

Deadline: May 14, 2019 
Project: American Selfie(s) Project Description
Script: One per state selected
Specs: 45-60 pages (PDF) file emailed to americanselfies@gmail.com with Script Release form below.
Contact: Robert (Bob) Grosse at americanselfies@gmail.com.
UNCSA School of Filmmaking
927 Knollwood Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 United States
Release Needed: Script Release Form (PDF) 

By any measure, our country seems as divided politically than at any time in our history. What American Selfie(s) is attempting to do with an anthology series of this scope is to show that we are far more united than the media would lead us to believe. Filmed stories that are small portraits of each of our states will show the common values we all share as AMERICANS. The politics of how we can achieve great things is where we may sometimes disagree on how to achieve that greatness. But we all do in fact share a belief in being a better democracy. Stories that move us emotionally are far more effective at communicating that to all of us.

This is a chance for LOCAL Arizona writers who are interested to take a chance at writing an episode of American Selfie(s) about their own state. This is initially just a speculative effort on behalf of your interested writers. Once we have enough scripts from a particular state, we hope to select one to produce for the series. It is integral to the success of this endeavor that the writer or writers be FROM or LIVE in the state they wish to write about. Obviously, we want to select one from all fifty states. Only selected scripts UNDER 60 pages in length but more than 45 pages will be compensated by the Writers Guild of America's under 60 mins Television rate should they move forward into production.  So scripts need to be roughly 45-60 pages in length. Interested writers should email a PDF copy of their script and a SIGNED Script Release to the following email address: americanselfies@gmail.com.  We are starting to accept scripts at this time and the deadline for scripts is May 14. 2019.
Thank you, Bob Gosse

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